Shifting The Narrative

Isn’t it extraordinary to grasp the fact that we are actually living, right now, in what will be critical content for future text books? I must admit, it does feel a bit like the Twilight Zone, or better yet a Black Mirror episode…?

What a world to live in where everyone is finally united, but by such a grim situation. Fortunately, I am not here to post about the demise of the world or how ill-fated this situation has become, but instead how we can take advantage of this unique circumstance.

What has kept me occupied besides the universal Netflix binge…? I am hopeful that one of the below activities resonates with you and I am sure you will come out on the other side a better person… well at least that is the papaya perception!

  1. Read. Devote some time to something other than a “black screen”. Revisit that wild imagination you had as a kid and while you are at it, learn some new words; get those creative juices flowing!

     2. Learn a new language. Learning a new language might be too daunting of a task, but learning the basic fundamentals or furthering what you learned in primary education will at some point in your life be useful. Check out duolingo – take an initial quiz to determine how “advanced” your skills are and go from there.

    3. Be Active. Instead of using this free time to be lazy, I think it is time to really become active and download a free app, screen share it to your TV and get movin’! I highly recommend trying out Jake Dupree’s workouts on the popsugar active app

   4. Cook. If you are not an expert in the kitchen, now is the time to become one! You probably will not match Gordon Ramsey anytime soon, but at least you can show off your fancy skills to your friends and family. AND eat something other than cereal and pizza…

  5. Organize. Whilst you lay in your comfortable bed the majority of the day, you  realize that this can be the opportune time to get your life organized. Even if it is as simple as cleaning out your closet and drawers, it is an accomplishment and a step to bettering yourself.



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