San Fran’s Hidden Gems (How to Guide)

Although we are still in the wee beginning of the year, 2019 has been an on going vacation for me. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is definitely one of my passions, but 4 vacations within a 7 week period is a little excessive (sigh).

One of my most recent travels was to San Francisco, in honor of one of my best friends 25th birthday. Fortunately on this memorable excursion, I got to experience some pretty great gems in SF that I would love to share. Without further ado…. my SF Guide!

Best Daytime Bars   – The Tipsy Pig: This lively retro, but simultaneously trendy bar is one of the most popular within The Marina district in SF. Normally hearing the words “most popular” would turn me away (as I hate crowded bars), but this particular spot is worth it. The Tipsy Pig is the ideal spot for your day time adventure. On the inside you get access to not only a huge beer selection, but some rustic old time bar vibes. Then on the outside (my favorite part) sits a patio area that is the perfect haven to mingle and engage with like minded groups who had the same weekend plans as you… catching up and unwinding with close friends, enjoying some delicious and of course greasy bar food and most importantly indulging in some great booze to wash away the memories of the endless work week! Palm House: This tres’ chic tropical themed spot is where you need to be for your Friday night happy hour; TRUST ME. First off, the happy hour pricing is AMAZING compared to the overly pricey usual menu. Secondly, the Carribean inspired food is DELICIOUS. Thirdly this lively nostalgic location will make you feel like you are smack dab in Cuba with its beautiful tropic vibes and brightly colored environment.

Best Rooftop Bar Charmaine’s: NOW THIS IS THE SPOT. I am a HUGE fan of rooftop bars and I will rave about them endlessly, but this one really left a great impression on my “high” standards. This trendy hot spot is where luxury meets a welcoming atmosphere. Although it appears to be pretentious with its ridiculously long line and fancy drinks, in reality you get to experience a beautiful ambience with bumping (but not obnoxious) music and a great view of the city with its alluring skyline. This is SF nightlife done RIGHT (picture featured at end of post).

Best Grub Spot China Town may be one of the most touristy filled areas of SF, but Hang Ah Dim Sum is the hidden gem you have been missing. Don’t be alarmed by the location, which is nuzzled in a surprisingly charming back alley. This food is as authentic as it gets. To be honest I am not usually a huge fan of dim sum, but the fresh shrimp dumplings and mouth watering BBQ pork buns sure had me wanting a second serving.

DoloresPark:                                                                                                                This laid back park which is located in the hipster mecca of SF (aka the  Mission District) is the quintessential hangout spot for your “lazy” Sunday. We plopped up with some cozy blankets, speakers and a few bottles of champagne and legitimately enjoyed lounging in the park for hours. The park is filled with families, but more predominantly young bay area folks who are engaging in yoga, playing with roaming dogs, bumping tunes with friends, passing around some alcohol and most importantly enjoying the sunny and expansive view of the city. Fun Fact: Looking for a unique drink experience? Indulge in one of the freshly cut coconuts that a local offers. He hacks open the coconut right in front of you and tops it off with some rum to spice your Sunday up!


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