Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter pt. 1

While I was able to muster up the strength to go to the gym yesterday, because god forbid people actually go to the gym when it rains, I saw something that caught my attention. There is always cheesy quotes on the white board at my gym that you see when you first walk in… But on this day (as in yesterday) it was actually something that is 100% accurate, meaningful and worth sharing.

People always freak out around April to get their “summer bodies” in shape, but lets face it; there is no way you can get in healthy shape within 2 months, unless you are taking drastic and unhealthy measures. Now is the time to hit the gym and use these next 6 months to change not only how you look, but even more important how you feel.

Here is another killer workout that will make you feel the burn!

Total Body Workout (3 rounds – 45 minutes in total)
Each round you will begin with a 1 minute plank; then divide the other 14min with the below exercises

Plank – 1 minute

Cardio Round
walkouts and pushups – 2min
mountain climbers – 2min
jumping jacks – 1min
30 second rest

Bent over row – 1min
bicep curls – 1 min
tricep dips – 1min
30 second rest

starfish or V Sit Up – 1min
bicycle crunches – 1min
russian twists – 1min
2min rest

REPEAT 2 More Times

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