Millennial Dating

Flings die, ya it fizzles out no question, indeed. So stop trying to flatter yourself, you weren’t really all that you think, you see?

Is this a note to all the f*ck boys in our generation? I’d say that text at 2:00AM would be a start. Do you really think I have such little self worth, to pity myself, that I’d be up for the card that you just dealt?

Your immaturity, thats really not gonna get you anywhere. What is it this time? No car, job, or consequently even a dime. 

What are your ambitions? Because I must admit your current situation is bringing up a lot of suspicions. I get living in the now is spiritual and definitely intuitive, but thinking of your future might also be pretty lucrative. 

Luckily I’ve passed the point of making guys like you a priority, but I worry about the girls that are still stuck, waiting eagerly for that next text, only to feel disappointed and a little disrespect. 

Women feel unworthy because of a guilt trip for not putting out, so we sacrifice our morals, just so you won’t sit there and pout. Our bodies are a temple, not a thing you can just use and abuse. But most of us haven’t even realized, as we look at ourselves in the mirror and do nothing, but criticize.

When all this millennial dating just highlights how much you already feel alone. Maybe, just maybe, we are better off on our own. 

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