When the Hills Met the Ocean

When the hills met the ocean, as in you and me, I felt something different. Something that was unknown, a feeling that was hidden deep deep down inside of me. 

To see, feel, to analyze if this was real?

You see, I never felt this kinda feeling with the others that came before. They say it shines in the stars above, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel it again, that little thing I thought might be love

How could I ever feel this much happiness, so elated about a person that I barely even knew? But this, this one was different. He made me excited, kept my attention, but most importantly made me experience contentment.

I never thought that I’d be like one of them, completely infatuated with a somewhat mystery man. But I could never stop relishing in his charm, and thoughts of his beautiful soul would run rampant in my mind.

How I could just die in those eyes. That didn’t see like the others could see. Those sparkly eyes like the ocean would shine, and fill me up with effervescent butterflies

It was easy to be me. Simultaneously nervous beyond compare, but it was different, truly different with you there.

We formed a connection on so many different levels, I know that doesn’t come around often, a girl like me could never be that special.

Half the time, I tend to find, that we are scared of what we cannot define. Those little insecurities that kept nagging in my head, that held me back from saying what really needed to be said. 

We vibed so well, the chemistry was out of this world. All I wanted was to be your everything, your best friend, your girl.

Your creativity was so inspiring to me. Too hip to even care, so focused on your academic future, you forgot to notice I was even there.

We met up and started that same o’l dance. Deep down me knowing that was my final chance. I longed for the hills, but was always a creature made by the ocean, that new unknown feeling gradually disappearing into slow motion.

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