To be honest, what the hell is normal these days?

That white picket fence allusion surely no longer remains.

Is being apart of the masses a deadly sin?

Really we are all just trying to fit in, but forget that status quo, as it is time we stop listening to the has beens.

Putting on a front via all of these outlets that you are ultimately going to regret.

That you are living this perfect life although it’s really a personal deficit. 

But deep down I know, your ego eats at you till there’s nothing left.

Our self esteem can plummet so low, as we all have hidden things that need to be addressed. 

Who am I really to sit and judge. 

All these high expectations, when deep down I am criticizing myself from above. 

Why does it have to be that way?

Why would we rather deflect a compliment, instead of embracing it graciously. 

We feel so uncomfortable in our own skin, that we can’t fathom figuring ourselves out patiently. 

How far, how far, how far can one spin. On the axis of regret, shame and so much sin.

We want it all so badly, that we beat ourselves up.

When sadly, we don’t meet it and ultimately give up.

Stuck in a screwed up and divided nation,

forming a never ending cycle of anxiety, doubt and devastation. 

-Maiya Papaya

“Expectation is the root of all heartache” – Shakespeare

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