What am I most thankful for this holiday season? That turkey and pie I had tonight would be a start (LOL)…. but in all seriousness my health, my family, my friends and most importantly the great future the universe has in store for me. But in regards to this particular post I would like to highlight the app 

You know how I mentioned in my first post how crucial it is to make time for yourself? Well I truly meant that. Wholeheartedly. I used to believe that meditation was the biggest scam of all time. A placebo effect really. When I first interacted with the practice I would laugh uncontrollably when I was forced to do it. I felt awkward, uncomfortable and down right just thought it was a waste of time.

When I look back on it, I notice that I was really just uncomfortable with being stuck in my head. Learning to be present and mindful was tough… to not future trip or ponder the past is a near impossible. Taking the time to really center my thoughts and focus on one thing and for once not having my mind race a million miles a minute would be a sense of relief, right?

One day I finally figured out the benefit that meditation had for me. A friend mentioned that I download the Headspace app, as it was a free and guided meditation and it had done wonders for him. I started meditating everyday, twice a day and much to my surprise, I instantly felt the benefits. I learned how to live in the moment. How to focus my breath. To actually relax and listen to all of the noises around me. Really just pure calm bliss. I had ultimately learned one of the greatest tricks of them all; how to trick my brain into thinking that I was calm and relaxed. 

If you are looking for something that can keep you grounded and completely change your mood and outlook if even for one moment, meditation is the way to go. Think it might not be for you? Give it a shot. Or at least that is what the papaya perception would recommend.  

Peace and Blessings Y’all

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