UK Funk

How do I get my creative juices flowing? A lot of my inspiration comes from music.

Specifically other artists creativity and this week in particular my inspiration has been Rex Orange County. I actually took some time out of my oh so busy day (eye roll) to listen to all of his music available on Spotify, (RexOrangeCountySpotify) not just the top 5 tracks that I had before.

Damn was I impressed.

Rex Orange County, who I OBVIOUSLY assumed was from Orange County is actually just another one of those amazing artists born and bred in the UK. Just like other new wave UK artists such as Disclosure, Rex was able to receive recognition in the US and was lucky enough to be on this years line up at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival. Which coincidentally was just about a week ago (ayyyy).

He’s a songwriter with a new age soul type of music with a little bit of alternative and a little sprinkle of hip hop. If you are a fan of Frank Ocean’s style you will definitely be digging Rex Orange County as well. “Loving Is Easy”, is what originally drew me in, but his sweet melodies and tales of young love expressed in “4 Seasons” and “Best Friend” got me hooked.

Check him out and you will not regret it. But that’s just the papaya perception.

Much love,


Maiya Papaya

One thought on “UK Funk

  1. Rex Orange County has consistently put out tracks that are fantastic to listen to, especially for the teen and young adult demographic, given that the theme of the majority of his songs is love. A couple of other songs that I personally like are paradise and sunflower, along with his feature on Tyler the Creator’s track from Flower Boy, Boredom.
    – Kyle the Anglophile


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